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Looking for the best garage door services in Bonner Springs, KS? Look no further! At Team Taylor Garage Doors, we specialize in both commercial and residential garage door repairs and installations, and our team of qualified technicians provides fully insured and guaranteed professional workmanship.

No matter the issue, whether it’s with springs, cables, remotes, or openers, our technicians have the expertise to handle it with efficiency and durability. We can repair or replace any broken part, ensuring that your garage door is functioning properly once again.

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Your overhead garage door has several components, each with a unique function. The tracks keep the door in place, and the springs lift their weight while the opener moves the door when a button is pressed. If the torsion springs have a problem, the cables and drums keep things safe.

However, homeowners often overlook the importance of their garage door springs, which can lead to spring failure and leave them trapped. Having your springs inspected and replaced by a professional garage door spring repair service is essential.

Team Taylor Garage Doors offers affordable and efficient same-day garage door spring repair services in Bonner Springs, KS. The springs may be at fault if your door feels heavy or the opener cannot lift it. 

Homeowners may not notice a broken spring since it is hidden inside a metal tube. As a workaround, we can install a conversion kit to help homeowners identify the issue and determine if they need garage door spring repair in the future.

Remember that garage door springs are under great tension, making them potentially life-threatening for untrained individuals to replace. Our garage door technicians are skilled and trained to safely inspect and replace garage door springs.

If you experience difficulty operating your door by hand, a professional can determine if you need a garage door spring repair or just an adjustment. Choose Team Taylor Garage Doors for all your garage door spring repairs in Bonner Springs, KS, and surrounding areas.


Having a traditional overhead garage door means you may need the garage door cable repair at some point. Depending on the amount of moisture near the bottom of your door, you may have to change the cables every couple of years without preventive actions. The cables for an overhead garage door are connected to the bottom of the door, and cable drums are on each end of the spring shaft. The torsion spring rotates the drums, which in turn causes the cables to wrap or unwrap around the drum, resulting in the opening or closing of the door. This process is what makes the door move up or down.

If the cable on your garage door breaks, the door might come loose and harm your cars or, even worse, hurt you or your family members. To avoid this situation, inspect your cables and bottom hinges regularly and take care of any signs of moisture or rust build-up as soon as possible. If you need a garage door cable repair, call Team Taylor Garage Doors. Repairing your garage door cable requires unwinding the springs first, which can be dangerous for an untrained individual. It’s always best to hire a skilled service technician for this task. If your garage door springs are worn out, they must also be replaced to ensure a safe working environment for the technician and allow for the installation of new cables.


Garage door openers have become popular among homeowners since the 1970s because they eliminate the need to open the garage door manually. If your opener is not working correctly, it could be due to lightning strikes damaging the electrical components or damaged plastic gears inside the opener. When a contractor offers garage door opener repair, it usually means replacing the whole unit because replacing the faulty parts is equivalent in cost and effort. When choosing an opener, you must consider safety features, noise level, location, and budget. Chain-drive openers are the most popular, while belt-drive openers are quieter. Screw-drive openers are best for harsh temperatures, and jack-shaft openers are perfect for garages with tall ceilings. You can contact Team Taylor Garage Doors to help you choose.


Maintaining your garage door is essential to keep your family safe, avoid costly repairs, and extend the door’s lifespan. It’s best to hire professionals to do regular maintenance since garage doors experience the most wear and tear. Here are eight tips for maintaining your garage door:

  1. Watch and listen for unusual movements or noises and check the pulleys, cables, and springs for symmetry.
  2. Check for damage to the door, such as warping or peeling paint, and clean the tracks regularly.
  3. Lubricate the moving parts and tighten loose hardware.
  4. Test the auto-reverse safety feature to make sure it works correctly.
  5. Ensure the door is balanced by disconnecting the opener and lowering it halfway.
  6. Replace or repair weatherstripping periodically to keep out water, dirt, and dust.
  7. Repaint the door once a year and seal the bottom edges to protect it from damage.
  8. Reinforce the door before bad weather arrives.

These tips will keep your garage door in good working condition and prevent costly repairs. Remember to call the professionals at Team Taylor Garage Doors for significant problems, even if they seem easy to fix.


Need reliable commercial door installation and repair services in Bonner Springs, KS? Team Taylor Garage Doors has got you covered! We provide a variety of services to make sure your commercial garage doors work efficiently and dependably.

For industrial door installation or replacement, we offer top-quality commercial doors from leading manufacturers such as Amarr. Our experts will install your new bay door correctly and keep it well-maintained to ensure its longevity.

When it comes to commercial door repairs, we understand that businesses require fast and reliable service. Our skilled technicians will quickly identify and fix any issues, including repairing doors damaged by forklifts, broken springs, or faulty openers. We provide dock leveler repair services for all dock levelers, ensuring they operate safely and efficiently for loading and unloading.

If your commercial garage door opener isn’t working correctly, we offer a range of inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement services to diagnose and solve the problem. We also provide commercial door spring repair services, helping your business minimize downtime and revenue loss due to broken springs.

At Team Taylor Garage Doors, our qualified and experienced steel commercial door technicians are here to handle all your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and a budget-friendly quote for commercial garage door repair in Bonner Springs, KS.

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